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Prague, Pilsen and South Bohemia, The Spa Towns of the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov, Moravia Wine Region, and Bohemia

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Since the fall of communism in 1989, tourism has continued to rise steadily in the Czech Republic. In 2017, the Central European country welcomed a record-breaking 20,061,635 visitors—including over 6-million international tourists.

Bordered by mountain ranges with Germany to the north and west, Poland to the northeast, Slovakia to the east and Austria to the south. the Czech Republic offers a rich variety of popular destinations ranging from Prague, the magnificent capital city on the Vltava River to the famous spa towns of Bohemia.

Unlike less fortunate European cities which suffered greatly during World War II, Prague survived relatively untouched and has a unique core of Gothic buildings that magically takes you back 500 years to the Middle Ages.

For lovers of history, culture, architecture, folklore, healing mineral springs, great beer and amazing food, and wonderful people, the Czech Republic holds a place of honor as a top destination for a dream vacation.

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The cradle of Czech culture, Prague sparkles like a magical kingdom and is aptly known as the “Golden City of 100 Spires.” Enjoy its many treasures like St. Vitus Cathedral with its iconic towering spires, the magnificent Prague Castle complex, the towered 14th-century Charles Bridge on the Vltava River, the spectacular Old Town Square with its famous 15th-century Astronomical Clock. Visit museums, go shopping, and enjoy a river cruise. Experience the meals of inventive chefs who have earned Prague the respect of serious foodies.

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Beyond Prague's outer suburbs, the city opens up to a lush landscape of sparkling rivers, fishponds, forests, rolling hills, farmlands, and low mountains. In addition to its famed spa towns, Bohemia offer a rich palette of fairytale castles and chateaux, churches and picturesque towns and cities like Kutna Hora, a powerful city in medieval times, and Trebon, a lesser-known spa town featuring Třeboň Chateau, a large Renaissance complex. Experience the larger cities of České Budějovice and Plzeň.

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Spa Towns of Western Bohemia

Experience the special healing qualities of the famed spa towns’ natural mineral spring waters which are known to ease the pain of ailments ranging from arthritis and indigestion to heart and circulation problems. Explore Karlovy Vary, a 14th-century cobblestoned town established by Emperor Charles IV. Tour Marianske Lazne, a dazzling spa town with beautiful parks, elegant historic buildings, and scenic mountain views. Explore Franstiskovy Lázně, where clients come to be treated clinically by wellness professionals.

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Pilsen and South Bohemia

On your way to picturesque South Bohemia, stop along the way in Pilsen and enjoy a beer-tasting at the famous Pilsner Urquell Brewery, home of the world’s first blond or pale lager. Tour Pilsen’s Town Square and St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, known for the tallest spires in the country. Continue your journey through the spectacular Bohemian countryside with the scenic Sumava Mountains to the southwest.

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Cesky Krumlov

The second most popular tourist attraction after Prague, Cesky Krumlov is a fantastic walled city. The city center is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring many 14th-century Renaissance homes and buildings. The superstar of the town center is the massive Cesky Krumlov Castle, home to Bohemia’s rulers throughout the centuries. Religious sites include the Minorite Monastery and the Church of St. Vitus. Sample the diverse menus of the city’s fine restaurants, visit its galleries and museums, and hop aboard for a cruise on the Vltava River.

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Moravia Wine Region

You can experience the broad selection of Czech wines at restaurants throughout the country, but it’s a special treat to take a wine tour of the Moravian vineyards where nearly all their wines are produced. Visit the ancient city of Brno, a cultural center and capital of Moravia, and tour marvelous historical attractions like 13th-century Spilberk Castle, 17th-century Dietrichstein Palace, and the 11th-century Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Explore the stunning caverns and underground river of the Moravian Karst and Caves just 30 minutes from Brno.

Did You Know?

Interesting facts about the Czech Republic

Live Bears:  For at least four centuries, the famous Cesky Krumlov Castle Complex in the Czech Republic has kept real bears in their castle moat. Visitors are delighted watching the antics of the royal furry family.

Puppet Shows: Prague has raised the craft of marionette-making to an art form coveted by adults. Some of the best puppets can be found at stores near the Charles Bridge in Old Town.

Royal Jewels:  Garnet, a semi-precious stone, has long been considered a royal gem in the Czech Republic. Be sure the garnet you choose comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Jewish Renaissance: During the Prague Renaissance in the early 1800s, more Jews lived in Prague than anywhere else in the world, and the Jewish Town Hall was the center of Jewish life.

Healing Waters: The historic spa towns of Bohemia are known for their bubbling, mineral-rich natural springs that are said to cure a variety of ailments. There are 100 mineral springs in the area, half of which are tapped for drinking.

Bohemian Glass:  Bohemian glass became famous for its beautiful, colorful glass during the Renaissance. It soon was in demand by royalty and aristocrats around the world.


8-Day Czech Republic Adventure

Welcome to Prague!

Arrival in Prague, a distinctively unique gem in the Czech Republic’s crown.

Day 2: Prague

Wake up in Prague and enjoy a guided tour of the magnificent Prague Castle complex. See architecture that spans centuries at Old Town Square—Tyn Church, St. Nicholas Church, the 14th-century Charles Bridge, and the world-famous 15th-century Astronomical Clock.

Day 3: Prague

Explore Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. Learn about Prague’s Jewish Renaissance. Visit the 15th-century Old Jewish Cemetery, one of the oldest in Europe.

Day 4: Spa Towns of the Czech Republic

On the way to the county’s celebrated spa towns, visit the famous Moser Glass Factory. Continue on to Karlovy Vary, a picturesque town with healing natural springs.  Next stop is the Kladska Nature Reserve on the way to Marianske Lazne.

Day 5: Spa Towns of the Czech Republic

Enjoy a short walking tour of Marianske Lazne, a spa town and wellness retreat on the German border complete with elegant buildings and striking mountain scenery. Enjoy a special afternoon dedicated to your personal wellness.

Day 6: Pilsen and South Bohemia

Travel to Southern Bohemia—the “Pearl of the Czech Republic.”  Taste world-class beers at Pilsner Urquell Brewery. Tour the Town Square. Continue to the charming town of Cesky Krumlov.

Day 7: Cesky Krumlov

Take a guided tour of this walled medieval town and the spectacular Cesky Krumlov Castle complex, the country’s second largest castle after Prague Castle.

Day 8: Homeward Bound

Your 8-day adventure in the Czech Republic is coming to an end. Enjoy the scenic drive back to Prague and the flight home from Prague Airport.

This is one example of a luxurious trip to the Czech Republic. Baldwin Travel will prepare a special itinerary customized to your budget and desires. Contact us today!

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