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River cruises offer a more intimate experience, with local touches that immerse you in the culture. Entertainment, food, and wines tend to be from the region. As you sit on your balcony, the scenic countryside will slowly pass before you. Ships have less than 200 passengers. There are river cruises to discover throughout Europe, Asia, and around the world. There are even special interest river cruises, such as Christmas Markets, wine, heritage, golf, photography, and more.

“Over the years, I’ve taken six wonderful river cruises. I have cruised the Danube River twice and the rivers of France, Holland and Belgium. In France, we stopped in a town and toured the vineyards. We then visited a private home where we drank wine and had a wonderful conversation with the owner. This “Meet the Locals” feature of river cruises is very popular and provides a unique experience you ordinarily wouldn’t have when taking a cruise on a bigger ocean-going ship.”
Cindy Baldwin, Baldwin Travel

10 Advantages of River Cruises

  1. Enjoy a more intimate experience. River cruise ships are limited in size due to river navigation regulations, so they have a 200-passenger maximum.
  2. River cruises travel on calmer, more protected waterways, so you avoid rough-water conditions.
  3. River cruises sail at a slower speed, giving you plenty of time to leisurely take in the scenery.
  4. River ships dock in the heart of cities and towns, so you can walk off the ship and immediately begin sightseeing and enjoying the special charms of every port.
  5. Menus onboard are regionally inspired, featuring fresh local-sourced foods and wines from the region where you are docking.
  6. All-inclusive meals include wine or beer with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  7. Shore excursions are included in the price of river cruises. There are several options in each port.
  8. Onboard entertainment is inspired by the local area’s culture.
  9. There are 7-day or 15-day river cruises.
  10. Add to the fun by spending one or two nights at a hotel in the cruise port enjoying the city before and/or after the cruise.

River Cruise Client Testimonial:

“We loved the trip, and picking pictures to send you, Cindy, isn’t easy! I know you’ve been to each of these spots we went to, so I chose some that I thought might give you a glimpse of what the spirit of our trip was like. We loved the bike ride, which took us by vineyards and into the little town of Durnstein, Austria. It was fun to see it by land and then to see it as we passed by it on the cruise by water, two different perspectives. We had great weather the whole time. Viking Cruises was top-notch and took really great care of us. We did close the lounge every night.”
— Donna Nichols

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Cindy Baldwin, founder of Baldwin Travel, is an award-winning travel agent in Naples, FL with satellite offices in Londonderry, NH.  As a custom vacation planner, Cindy is often on the road exploring countries and cultures. Her first-hand experiences give her vital information about a destination’s best tourist attractions, personal and group tours, and special activities and unique experiences. Her meticulous research paves the way for unforgettable, personalized vacations, honeymoons, and destination weddings for clients.


It’s a great time to take a vacation cruise. There are many options for creating your special experience.  Some cruise ships are large, with as many as 6,000 passengers, that function as floating cities. They offer everything you could ever want in comfort, amenities, relaxation, and entertainment. Other cruises are on small sailing vessels or yachts with as little as 150 passengers. These expedition ships travel to exotic locations, such as the Galapagos Islands or Alaska.

10 Advantages of Ocean Cruises

  1. Multiple destinations. Unpack once. Enjoy different countries without having to keep packing and unpacking your luggage.
  2. All-inclusive meals on ocean cruises. Drinks and tours are not usually included.
  3. Room Options. There is a variety of room categories to fit your budget.
  4. Family-friendly. There’s plenty of fun for all ages.
  5. Enjoy romance on the high seas on your honeymoon or anniversary. You have plenty of time to spend with each other or socializing with interesting people you meet.
  6. Variety of entertainment venues nightly for everything from casinos to Broadway shows.
  7. Many dining options to suit your preferences.
  8. Wide range of facilities such as multiple swimming pools, large deck areas, and exercise rooms.
  9. Spa services are offered by many cruise lines for an additional cost, making days at sea a relaxing experience to look forward to.
  10. Cruise the World. There are fascinating destinations for ocean cruising around the world, including the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and more.

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Contact Cindy Baldwin at Baldwin Travel today, and watch your ocean or river cruise take shape!

Cindy Baldwin and her team at Baldwin Travel are eager to help you plan a fabulous vacation on a Caribbean, Mediterranean or Alaskan cruise, or meticulously plan a customized itinerary for your trip to Europe that includes a river cruise on magnificent waterways like the Danube, Thames, and Rhine rivers. No matter where you travel in the world, Baldwin Travel is dedicated to making your dream vacation come true.